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Have you ever dreamed of gliding on beautiful crisp white ice or feeling the excitement of a thrilling spin?
Or landing that jump that you have seen and thought "I would love to learn how to do that!"

At Xtreme Ice Arena we can help you achieve your goals.

Our Figure skating coaching team can help you on your way - teaching you the basics to spinning and jumping and all of the official test patterns you'll need for competitions.

We cover all aspects of skating including figure skating, Ice Dance, Pairs and Synchronised skating. Please check out our Synchro page for more details, coming soon.

Private figure skating sessions are available several days a week with fully accredited coaches

Our coaches offer very affordable rates for private coaching, which are available during any of the below sessions

4pm to 7.30pm - Monday
4pm to 6pm - Tuesday
4pm to 6pm - Thursday
4pm to 6pm - Friday

Sessions times are subject to change, please check the session times here

An entry fee of $20 applies to all sessions, which is payable at the front reception as you walk in.
10 pass cards are also available for $160 (save $40)

Skaters in levels Novice 2 or higher are welcome to attend all these sessions.
Skaters in levels Novice 2 or below can participate with a private coach on Monday mornings (during the Coffee Club sessions, Monday evenings 6 - 7.30pm or Friday's 4 - 6pm

To find out more information contact Judi on 0400 555 045 or the reception on (08) 9344 440