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If you are interested in fast extreme sports with plenty of action and excitment, then Ice Hockey is just for you. Commonly known as one of the fastest games on Earth, Ice Hockey is an exciting sport to watch with many players showing great skating skills and amazing tricks on ice.

Xtreme Ice Arena hosts WAIHA (West Australian Ice Hockey Association) games each season on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and is the home of the Northern Ice Hockey Association which formed at the begining of the 2011 season.

Watching great quality Ice Hockey has never been easier than coming down to Xtreme Ice Arena and enjoying our facilities which include a cafe, toilets and a multi level grandstand suited idealy for great viewing of the entire ice. Entry is FREE for all games throughout the season


Want to Play Ice Hockey?

If you are interested in playing Ice Hockey the Northern Ice Hockey Association is always looking for new players and with teams in many different divisions, there is sure to be a spot for you.

If you have played Ice Hockey before and want to get straight into competitive games, contact the Northern Ice Hockey Association

Xtreme Ice Arena also runs a "Learn to Play Ice Hockey" clinic for beginners of all ages which encourages the growth and expansion of Ice Hockey in Western Australia as well as several "Drop in Hockey" sessions during the week where anyone can just rock up and play hockey on a week by week basis.

Contact our reception on (08) 9344 4400 for more information regarding these sessions


Learn to Play Ice Hockey Clinics

We, at Xtreme Ice Arena are passionate and devoted to Ice Hockey. Our ‘Initiation Program’ for beginners is organised and run by Xtreme Ice Arena directly.

Our Initiation Program is a new and exciting program developed by Michael Johnston, who is a Level 3 Coach having had many years of experience coaching at all different levels here and overseas.

Our Initiation Program is 36-week program played in 9 week blocks during school terms and runs from February – December.

This is a structured program with gradings taking place on the 9th week of each term. It has been developed to make a skater’s first contact with hockey a safe and positive experience, whilst learning the basic technical skills and tactics of the game. Our aim is to teach skaters the skills required to advance to Club Level Ice Hockey with the goal of one day representing Australia in either the Men’s or Woman’s World Championships

Registrations are open to both Male and Female skaters from age 5 upwards. For more information check out our Learn to Skate page here, or contact our reception on (08) 9344 4400 /