Learn to play Ice hockey

Ice hockey is a rapidly growing sport within WA, and now with three ice rinks here in Perth and the promotion of Perth Thunder to the Australian National Ice Hockey League, it is sure to become a booming sport in the coming years.

Here at Xtreme Ice Arena, we are excited to be teaching our next generation of Ice Hockey players. Whether you are interested in a casual game with old mates or the fast and exhilarating experience of  Super League, our Initiation Program for beginners is designed to get you started and teach you the basics of Ice Hockey as a sport which will enable you to move through to club level Ice Hockey and possibly one day represent Australia or even an overseas based club on the world stage.

Our Initiation Program for beginners has been recently re-designed based on feedback from players, coaches and new techniques available for coaching.

Sunday | 08:00 - 09:30am
Ice Hockey Initiation Program (Beginners)

This exciting beginner program for ages 5 & above was developed by Michael Johnston who is a Level 3 Coach having had many years of experience coaching at all different levels here and overseas.

The Initiation Program has been developed to make a participant’s first contact with hockey a safe and positive experience. This is a structured, learn-to-play program designed to introduce beginners to the games basic technical skills and tactics of the game. It enables participants to become a contributing member of a team effort, develop self-confidence and experience a sense of personal achievement. These goals are achieved in an atmosphere of fun and fair play.

Our Initiation Program is a 36-week program played in 9 week blocks during school terms and runs from February – December. This is a structured program with gradings taking place on the 9th week of each term.

Cost is $250 per term.

In conjunction with our Initiation Program, players will also be able to sign up for extra time on the ice which will run weekly on Tuesday nights from February – December 2017. These
Cross-Ice Development games encourage quick footwork, slick stick handling, quick thinking with no stoppage of play and no checking. With more time on the ice players will have the opportunity to enhance their development through our two pathways, ultimately leading to club level hockey.

Cost is $110 per 11 weeks if enrolled in the Initiation Program
For players not enrolled in the Initiation Program, the cost is $20 per week, payable at the reception upon arrival each Tuesday.

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